Choosing the right set of family camping essentials will ensure a fun and safe stay.

Camping Trip

A family member may have land where they camp.


Camping can be defined as the act of going outdoors or in the wilderness with tents or other shelter for a period of time such as 1 night or more usually 2-5 days at a time. Camping is similar to backpacking and can be a part of it. There are many different types of camping. A few different types of camping include: car, RV, primitive and backpacking. Car camping is when you bring everything that you need in your vehicle, while some tents do not allow cars inside them if they are too large or the tent may be small for the size of car that is trying to enter.


This is a good first time camping trip because you do not have to go far and can be close to home incase anything goes wrong.

county park.

A county park. Parks are set up for campers, so it is easy to find facilities that are close by and easy to setup your tent or other shelter that you wish to bring.

state park

A state park. These parks are more spread out than county parks and have more facilities, making it easy to find what one may require.

road trip

A road trip. This is a great opportunity to use the car and explore different areas of the country, or even stop in one place to stay for a while and explore the area.

Camping Club

Use an online service like National Camping Club that allows you to book campsites for those who do not plan ahead for when they need one or wish to go on vacation without going away from home for too long of a period of time (1-3 days). Go camping with your church or religious group. This is a great way to bond with people, set up good tent sites and clean up after yourselves.

Rent a site

Rent a site. Some people do not have a place they can go to, or they wish to go on a trip that is too far to be able to take the trip back.


Park your car in your driveway and use it as a shelter while you camp out there. Set up everything you need in regular camping style also


Look for a place. This is when someone does not have a place to go or plans move around without any set destination. A river/lake. There are many public places to camp along rivers and lakes.

Great Way

Camping is a great way to get outdoors and see nature. You can enjoy the outdoors, bond with others and see a different look at the world around you. There are many places all around the country where one can camp or enjoy camping in different areas of each state.

They can rent a campground and stay there for the weekend or longer.